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I started this blog in 2009, a year before my anniversary of living in New York City for a decade. I moved to the city from a small town upstate when I was seventeen, in what is now a strangely distant year 2000, which fittingly to the date really was the exact turning point of pretty much everything. A new decade.

Being so young I didn't care, with so much of the charming fearlessness that so many kids feel when the first step foot into a shiny new city. Pre-Facebook and Pre-Twitter era, before the explosion of any social media for that matter, I caught the tail end of a city that was just as undaunted as I. Everything was done by word of mouth or chance encounters, city magic. Like really just be there and things happened.

Things did happen and the one thing that has never changed is the way I look at the city and the world around me - through drawing. From my formative years of doing Illustrated xerox copied zines when I was a punky little teenager in the 90's to studying Fashion Illustration at The Fashion Institute of Technology. I was very lucky to be taught by the same teachers who had been Fashion Illustrator Antonio Lopez's best mentors. Afterwards, I took a break from drawing and ended up getting my BFA in Textiles. Textiles taught me how to spend time on the process of research, cultivating years of collecting inspiration from different artists, old movies and books.

Eventually, I came back to drawing when I was ready, while I was interning and working for different Fashion Designers in the industry. Today I feel very lucky being able to do freelance Illustration and Creative Services out of a Brooklyn apartment that I share with my boyfriend and our adopted Shiba Inu, Rocky.

It's been a great experiment starting this blog and keeping a sense of the do-it-yourself old spirit that I've always cared so much about with special drawings, different layouts and handwritten entries.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do creating it.



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